Psychology of Clean Teeth

It’s always important to learn why we do certain things. Why you go through all the time, money, and pain of going to the dentist. It obvious that we do it so that our teeth will feel good because let’s face it, theirs not many things more uncomfortable then having a tooth ache! And then…

Woman smiling with veneers

Veneers: What To Know

When you ask the question, “what do you first notice when meeting a new person?”, so often the answer is “teeth” or “smile”. Our smiles can make or break a first impression. It takes a lot to keep a smile healthy, bright, and plain gorgeous. Veneers are a simple and strong choice to help you…

Woman grinding her teeth

Grinding Your Teeth to Dust

Bruxism or teeth grinding effects around 8% of adults and even more children. Grinding your teeth can have serious consequences. Your dental health is in serious danger if you habitually grind your teeth. Along with headaches, and jaw problems- your teeth really pay the price. Learn about risk factors, consequences, and prevention of grinding your…


Flossing: What You’re Doing Wrong

Here are some of the many misconceptions about flossing: 1. You DON’T have to floss that often: Once a day is plenty. Flossing more than once a day is really irritating to the gums. Irritating those gums can cause inflammation and bleeding, no one wants that. 2. Blood doesn’t always mean what you think it…