Tooth Whitening

Before and after of a dental whitening procedure

There are many products and techniques available. Some work great and some don’t work much at all. The various over-the-counter products give the least predictable results.

To get the best result we encourage you to use a take-home or in-office whitening method available through Eagle Rock Dental Care. We have an easy take-home method that utilizes custom trays molded to your teeth! You simply put a couple of drops of the tooth whitening product in the trays, wear them for a couple of hours, rinse the trays and use them again the next night.

Our in-office whitening is done with a product named BOOST! The procedure takes approximately one and a half hours. Many patients see great results while in the office and even the morning after the procedure. BOOST patients also receive take-home bleach trays to “touch up” their smile as needed. Call or come in today…we will help you decide which product is best for you!

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