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At Eagle Rock we offer convenient before and after work or school appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. However, we also understand that a tooth ache doesn’t always happen between 7am and 7pm. We happily offer emergency services, after-hours and during the weekend. If a sports injury or accident results in a broken tooth, we can help you make it through the evening or weekend with little discomfort.

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Emergency Dental Care

Anything can happen during the day. Unfortunately sometimes that leads to painful dental stories. Do you have a good story of a time you needed an emergency dentist in Idaho Falls? An innocent game of ultimate frisbee can quickly escalate to Trevor and Derek jumping up for the frisbee at the same time, but as they descend Trevor’s elbow hits Derek’s teeth and now you have 15 junior high school boys yelling, “get some leaves!” and “isn’t there something about milk?”. When you have an emergency with your teeth you want the best care available. Luckily for those of us living in Idaho Falls, Arco or Rexburg, we have the best dentists on call for our emergency dental needs. It’s not just a blow to the jaw that can lead to googling for “emergency dentist in Idaho Falls”. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, get a hold of your emergency dentist in Idaho Falls at Eagle Rock Dental Care. Click here to learn more about our emergency dental services.

Please call us at 208-523-5400. If you call after hours please select option 1 and leave your name, phone number, and a description of the issue you are having, we will get back to you with-in thirty minutes until 10 pm, after 10 we will get back to you the next morning starting at 7am.

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