Root Canal Therapy

root canal toothache

Yes! We offer Root Canal Therapy here at Eagle Rock Dental Care. Most Root Canals can be completed in our office, however there are occasions where the patient may be better served by seeing one of our excellent Endodontists (specializes in Root Canal Therapy) here in Idaho Falls.

A root canal is the removal of diseased nerve and blood supply from inside the root chamber, also known as the canal. The canal(s) are thoroughly before sealing off the canal; this completes the root canal procedure. To ensure the longevity of your tooth after a root canal, The ADA recommends a crown be placed on the tooth to keep the upper tooth structure strong. Because the tooth no longer has nerve/blood supply it can be prone to fracture; a crown allows the tooth to be restored to full functionality—protecting your investment for years to come.

Read more here about what to expect during your root canal.

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