Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Root Canal Treatment: Options, Recovery, & Alternatives

Tooth decay can be remedied using simple tooth fillings or other treatments if detected in time. However, severe decay demands a more sophisticated approach. Performing root canal therapy is the greatest approach, as the American Dental Association recommends, since failing to address extensive decay can cause tooth loss or severe harm to your jawline. At Eagle Rock Dental Care in Idaho Falls, our dentists prioritize the preservation of your natural teeth and only prescribe root canals when the situation is appropriate.

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Yes! We offer root canal therapy here at Eagle Rock Dental Care. Most root canals can be completed in our office, however, there are occasions where the patient may be better served by seeing one of our excellent Endodontists (specializes in root canal therapy) here in Idaho Falls.

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A root canal is the removal of diseased nerve and blood supply from inside the root chamber, also known as the canal. The canal(s) are thoroughly before sealing off the canal; this completes the root canal procedure. To ensure the longevity of your tooth after a root canal, The ADA recommends a crown be placed on the tooth to keep the upper tooth structure strong. Because the tooth no longer has nerve/blood supply it can be prone to fracture; a crown allows the tooth to be restored to full functionality—protecting your investment for years to come.

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Our Idaho Falls Family Dentist’s Root Canal Treatment: 3 Stages


Our dentist begins by removing anything within the root canal. Your dentist can drill a small access incision on the tooth surface and eliminate the damaged and lifeless pulp tissue with quite small files while the patient is under local anesthetic.


The dentist then uses microscopic files and irrigation treatments to cleanse, mold, and disinfect the hollow region. Thereafter, they pack the teeth with a rubber-like substance and fully seal the canals with adhesives. The teeth are lifeless after root canal therapy. Since the nerve tissue has now been eradicated and we have cured the infection, the patient no longer experiences tooth pain.

Crowning or Filling

The enamel will now be more vulnerable than before. A tooth without pulp should rely on the ligament that connects it to the bone for sustenance. Even though this supply is enough, the tooth may become more fragile after some time, necessitating the use of a crown or filling to safeguard it. Treatment usually only requires one session, but bent canals, multiple canals, or extensive infections may necessitate one or two more visits.

Complications Of Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists always do their best in cleaning and sealing the teeth during root canal therapy. However, there can sometimes be new infections in the teeth. A surgical endodontic procedure (mostly an apicoectomy / root-end resection) is often performed to help the tooth remain intact. It helps remove fungus and inflammation from the bone around the mouth. We open the gum tissue and remove the inflamed tissue and often even cut down the roots. The tooth can be filled in with a small filler to seal the root canals.

Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy

Our dentists use the most up-to-date technology to assess if you require surgery and to guarantee that your surgical treatment goes smoothly. Our prosthetics keep dentures in position for the rest of your life and prevent jaw atrophy associated with tooth loss. We provide a wide range of dental services for people who are missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Our dentists offer dental implant options and utilize the newest technologies to determine if you are an eligible candidate for surgery and ensure that your surgical procedure is smooth and you experience a speedy recovery. Our prostheses help keep dentures firmly in place throughout your life and stop jaw atrophy caused by tooth loss. If you are missing teeth, we offer an extensive range of dental procedures.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have been developed as an alternative to dental implants. Bridges are constructed with a crook or fake tooth supported by crown teeth on either side or by implant dentistry. During our consultations, we’ll help you understand both options. Once your restoration is done, you will be assured of optimal health and the ability to chew normally and communicate proudly. need a root canal, dental procedure, endodontic treatment, a temporary filling, tooth’s root canal.

Root Canal Treatment FAQ's

Our root canal treatment helps to soothe infected or inflamed pulp tissue, which is the source of severe toothaches. Such pain can be alleviated with endodontic therapy. Because of the use of local anesthesia and current endodontic methods, most patients find that having a root canal is even less painful than having a cavity filled. Most people say they were comfortable during their therapy, with some tension and movements, but no pain.

Endodontic treatment, as the American Dental Association puts it, starts by using a local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth and the tissue surrounding it. Then, the tooth is opened so that one of our doctors can access the pulp and remove it. The chamber and roots of the tooth are cleaned, shaped, and disinfected, then filled with a rubber-like material to seal the tooth and prevent infection.

A dental filling or crown will come in handy in correcting the reconstructed tooth. It's common for patients to experience immediate relief after leaving our dentist's office in Idaho Falls, especially if they have been suffering from dental or facial pain in the days or weeks before their appointment.

Our patients often just need a few days to recuperate following root canal therapy. During the first 24 to 48 hours after treatment, some patients may develop sensitivity or discomfort. Our dentists regularly recommend over-the-counter pain treatment to remedy this.

Root canal therapies span 3–5 years and are remarkably efficient, with a success rate of over 95%. A root canal, just like other medical procedures, can simply fail. A weak crown, a fractured enamel, or an emerging decay usually causes this.

No one is excited to learn they have to have a root canal. People even often use the phrase, “I’d rather get a root canal than…” so those of us that have never experienced one can only gather they are painful.  Many folks that have had a root canal will explain that with the numbing agents and anesthetic you will receive, it really lowers the pain and some say even eliminates it. There is really no reason to worry. If you need a root canal performed, it’s a worse pain to avoid the procedure. So, if it’s pain keeping you from making a dentist appointment, you are really signing yourself up for even more pain.


The process of a root canal may take up to two or three office visits. Eagle Rock Dental Care can often perform this procedure in office, but may recommend you go to one of our endodontists (a dentist who specializes in problems with dental pulp and nerves) here in Idaho Falls. No matter if your visit is in our office or another, the first thing that will happen is your endodontist will inject a local anesthetic that will kick in pretty quickly. Then he or she will drill a hole in your tooth and remove the decayed or diseased pulp. He will clean the canal he created and clean out the bacteria inside. After he has done what he can, he might also inject an antispetic to make sure the entire chamber is free of bacteria.


After the root canal and pulp chamber are dried, it will be filled with a permanent filling material. This material replaces the pulp that was removed. After the root canal treatment is complete, your dentist will put a filling, a crown, or both on your tooth. A crown will protect and strengthen your tooth so that your tooth can maintain its structure. Thankfully, we can offer you the most comfortable root canal in Idaho Falls. We perform them every year and know how best to take care of you.

If you need to get a root canal and you’re concerned about the pain, remember it will be worse the longer you put it off. Come in and talk to us and we can see what your options are.

Root Canal Treatment will ease your pain. However, for the first few days following treatment, teeth may become a painful condition owing in part to inflammation in natural tissues. We will provide you with some after-care tips before you leave our clinic. This could include using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications and a cold compress and avoiding chewing on hard foods to lower pain and swelling as you heal.

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