Dentists in Idaho Falls That Care About Your Comfort

dentists in Idaho Falls at Eagle Rock Dental Care take great care of patients

Eagle Rock Dental Care has the dentists in Idaho Falls that truly care about your comfort.  No procedure will ever be performed without you knowing exactly what is in store, what your options are and what to expect.

Dr. Alan Cooper performs all procedures with over 26 years of experience under his belt. You can always expect to feel safe and secure with Dr. Cooper looking over you.

Your Comfort is Our #1 Concern

dentists in Idaho Falls at Eagle Rock Dental Care take great care of patientsEagle Rock Dental Care offers all types of new services along with new technology to offer you the best dental care services in our area. By using sedation dentistry we can calm the nerves of those that seem to have a well set fear of visiting the dentists office.

These dentists are the professionals and you can assure yourself that you are in the hands of professionals. We use safe and trusted methods including “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide to make sure you feel as little pain as possible during all procedures.

Eagle Rock Dental Care is known for the reviews of happy patients that have had to have a root canal performed who were amazed at how little it hurt. Experience is always the number one thing to think about when choosing a dentist.

Find a Dentist in Idaho Falls

Eagle Rock Dental Care has offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco. Some dentists work in multiple offices while others will only be found at one or the other. There is not a single dentist at any of these offices that doesn’t have years of experience in dental care.

Come visit our office in Idaho Falls at 640 S. Woodruff Ave.  While you’re on Woodruff, you could go get your grocery shopping done at Winco, try out some fudge at Sarah’s Candy Cottage (brush your teeth after) and get your car’s oil changed at Jiffy Lube! We are located right where you already are.

Stop putting off and come visit your dentists in Idaho Falls today. The receptionists are the nicest and most caring front desk workers you’ll ever meet. What is holding you back?

Give a call and make an appointment today.

Idaho Falls: (208) 523-5400
Rexburg: (208) 359-2224
Arco: (208) 527-3472

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