Nitrous Oxide, It’s a Gas!

Oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide is the laughing gas you receive at the dentist

Laughing gas is used by just about every dentist’s office. Nitrous oxide is perfectly safe in regulated doses and especially so considering dentist’s office mix it with straight oxygen at a 50/50 ratio. Laughing gas has a fairly ironic humorous background. Fun fact: back in 1799 the upper class of the British used to throw “laughing gas parties”.

Why Do Dental Office Use Nitrous Oxide?

Oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide is the laughing gas you receive at the dentistInhalation sedation with nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) is one of the most ideal clinical sedative solutions because of its ability to numb pain yet keep the patient conscious. It is the unconscious state of fully sedating a patient that leaves more room for concern. As a patient, you are able to explain to the dentist if you feel too much pain, if something seems “wrong” and you are able to stay fully aware of the procedure being carried out.

Laughing gas may be used to help patients get over the fear of dental exams along with numbing pain of painful procedures such as getting a cavity filled or a root canal treatment. Root canals are one of those procedures that make even the strongest of men take a cautious step back. There is no need to worry. If you do need a root canal, remember it will only cause you more pain later if you don’t get it done. Read here about what happens during a root canal.

Is Laughing Gas Dangerous?

Like all drugs, yes it can be abused and potentially dangerous. However, there is no need to fear about this potential when you visit Eagle Rock Dental Care for sedation dentistry. When you hear of stories, for example, of Daniel Watts who died from too much nitrous oxide, you need to take into account the full situation. He was found next to a 5ft tall cylinder of the gas, along with a large plastic bag, a pillow and a pipe.

Your dentist will recommend laughing gas as a sedative to your dental procedures if he or she feels it will aid in your overall oral well-being. If you are nervous about an upcoming appointment because of fear or pain, express this to your dentist and ask about nitrous oxide as a solution.

Laughing gas has helped hundreds of thousands of patients every year and thankfully will continue to do so. Eagle Rock Dental Care knows the intimidation of making an appointment if you know you’re signing up for pain. Laughing gas is a safe way to keep your nerves calm and the pain numb.

If you have any questions at all about nitrous oxide and your health, please give us a call. We will answer all questions you have an put your mind to rest so that you can feel comfortable going to the dentist.


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