Did You Know There are Three Types of Cavities?

learn about the 3 types of cavities

It’s true. Not all cavities are the same, but they all can be prevented with proper dental care. Do you have any tooth aches that don’t seem to go away? Are you experiencing headaches on a regular basis? Are really hot or cold drinks hard to drink?

Do you need a cavity filled in Idaho Falls?

learn about the 3 types of cavitiesEagle Rock Dental Care will take good care of you. There is no question whether or not you should go to the dentist, especially if you suspect a cavity. The only question you should ask is when. The best time would be right now. If you can’t get an appointment right away, take the first available slot and get it taken care of.

Three Types of Cavities

Root decay

This type of decay is the most common type. They’re mostly found among older adults because due to simply the facts of life, the older you get the more likely you are to have receding gums which makes for a higher likely hood of developing root decay. It typically shows on the surface of the roots of the teeth.

Pit and fissure decay

This type of decay occurs on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars). These cavities are very preventable with proper oral hygiene. By not brushing daily you are more susceptible to some severe pain from these cavities.

Smooth-surface decay

This type of decay occurs on the outside flat surface of the teeth when bacteria is not removed and plaque builds up. It’s the least serious kind and may be treatable with fluoride. It’s also helpful to know that this type of decay may be positively impacted by regular and proper dental flossing.

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