Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Natural Restoration

natural restoration of teeth

If there is one great fear that many people have for their smiles, it is the loss of teeth. We don’t want to be the one who has gaps in their smile or discomfort while we chew. Remember losing teeth as a child? Your parents probably gave you plenty of soft foods to eat so that you could chew without discomfort.

In the few days or weeks that it took for your adult tooth to come in, you probably started to miss some of your favorite foods. Imagine having to live that way for the rest of your life. We have met patients at our office who only chewed on one side of their mouth for YEARS!

It’s not necessary to live this way, and we can help you avoid it! There is a better way to experience tooth replacement, and we have it here at Eagle Rock Dental Care. Dental implants will change the way you think about missing teeth.

What Causes Teeth to Come Out

Teeth can come out for a variety of reasons, but none are pleasant. You will never have a tooth just comfortably fall out of your jaw. There is always a reason, and it is never good. Let’s take a look at the top three reasons why an adult would lose a tooth.

  1. Injury – It is possible to knock a tooth out of your jaw. There is a window of only about 30 minutes to get the tooth back in place by a dentist, or the tooth is lost for good. This happens a lot because patients don’t prioritize getting to the dentist as soon as the accident happens.
  2. Decay – When decay runs deep into your tooth, an infection occurs. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore the pain in their tooth, and the infection ends up killing the tooth root leaving you without a functioning tooth. These teeth generally need to be extracted.
  3. Gum Infection – Most adult teeth are lost due to gum disease. The infection attacks the bone that supports the tooth, and the tooth comes out. Sometimes we have to extract the tooth in order to repair the bone.

Replacing Your Tooth is a Must

You will see people walking around with missing teeth, and you might think this is an option. Let us be clear: living without a tooth is never a good option. Each tooth in your mouth affects the way you chew and speak. You will quickly learn that a missing tooth means discomfort, and for most, social embarrassment.

But You Don’t Have to Settle

You don’t have to settle for uncomfortable and obvious tooth restorations, either. While dental bridges and partial dentures have their place for some patients, most patients can have much better results with dental implants. Bridges tend to look noticeable, and they rely on your healthy adjacent teeth for support, which means that your healthy teeth will be worn down by the bridge. On top of that, dental bridges can be uncomfortable when you are trying to chew food that is tough or hard, like some proteins, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit.

Dental Implant Solutions

There is a better solution in dental implants. We call it the natural restoration because by the time it is placed in your mouth, you will have a difficult time telling your implant from the rest of your teeth! It looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth! Take a look below to see what we mean.

  1. Fuses with Bone – Your dental implant is a small titanium post that is inserted into your jawbone. The bone itself will grow around and fuse with the titanium implant through a process called osseointegration. This gives your replacement tooth a secure, stable foundation that feels like a tooth root!
  2. Looks Natural – The implant itself is hidden beneath your gums, which just leaves the crown above the surface. Our crowns are natural-looking and will blend with the rest of your teeth. No one around you will ever suspect that your tooth is not natural!
  3. Permanent – You won’t have to worry about replacing your tooth restoration. Just like a natural tooth, you will brush, floss, and care for your dental implant. With proper care, that implant will stay in your jaw for the rest of your life, supporting the restoration you chose.

Contact Us Today to Learn More!

Are you ready to find a better way to restore your missing tooth? Contact our office today to learn about your dental implant options. We are sure to find a solution that will work for you and your smile. We can’t wait to see you improve your smile’s look and function!

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