Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser

What is a Dental Laser?

A laser is an intense beam of light energy in a very narrow beam. The laser can be used to remove and/or shape tissue around your teeth. That tissue could be anything from your gums to muscle tissue. It can also be used to treat infections or whiten your teeth. Dental lasers have been around since the early 1990s, and are used today as an effective treatment for a wide range of dental applications.

Benefits of a Dental Laser

There are several benefits to using a laser. A laser can be used instead of a drill or even eliminate the need for anesthesia in some procedures. Lasers can improve your experience at the dentist office and create a much more comfortable visit.

Dental lasers are precise and can reduce the healing time. They are as safe as any other dental instrument and can be used to reduce bacteria control bleeding during surgery.

Laser Dentistry at Eagle Rock Dental Care

At Eagle Rock Dental Care we use a soft diode laser for a variety of applications that allow us to provide a personalized and comfortable experience. We have dental offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Arco, Idaho. If you would like to make an appointment with your Idaho Falls dentist office or one of our locations in Rexburg or Arco please contact us or request an appointment online.


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