Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Why Your Gums Bleed When You Floss

healthy gums that don't bleed when you floss

Bleeding gums when you floss is a sign that you need to change your personal dental care routine; however, it does not mean your mouth is dirty. It is a common thing to experience bleeding gums when you floss so long as the bleeding stops. So even though your gums bleed when you floss, you should NOT stop flossing. Flossing daily is an important part of your oral health. Let’s dive into more of the specifics behind bleeding gums.

What causes bleeding gums?

Quite a few things can cause gums to bleed. Plaque buildup and vitamin deficiency are two of the more frequent causes. Plaque buildup is the buildup of bacteria that forms on your teeth. Brushing and flossing daily gets rid of the plaque. If you skip flossing, the plaque begins to harden and contributes to gingivitis. This hardened plaque can hurt your gums or force you to have to floss hard resulting in damage to your gums. Once the plaque hardens, you will have to visit your dentist to have it removed – so remember to floss.

What are additional ways to treat bleeding gums?

Adding a rinse to kill bacteria can help reduce the chance of an infection spreading further into your gums and the roots of your teeth. There are many types of rinses available to you. You can buy a variety of them at the store. Just make sure it is antimicrobial. You can also use a salt water rinse to help kill bacteria.

If you really want to have healthy gums and teeth develop a healthy balanced diet on top of daily brushing and flossing. Your gums and teeth will be happier than ever. If you ever have questions about the way you are brushing, flossing, rinsing, or dietary concerns you can ask us at Eagle Rock Dental Care. Contact us or schedule an appointment online. We have Dentists in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Arco.


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