Dental Treatment for TMJ Relief

Dentist doing a dental treatment on a female patient

Are you looking for TMJ treatment in Idaho Falls?

TMJ, or Temporomandibular joint, disorders can cause pain and misalignment in your jaw joint and muscles.  Some people experience this as a clicking in the jaw when the mouth is opened and possibly a “scraping” sensation.  Other sensations may be jaw stiffness, locking jaw, and headaches.

If you are finding your headaches are most likely linked to a misaligned bite, there are some things you can do at home to prevent these headaches until the time that you and your dentist and fix it for good. Avoid all chewy foods and this definitely includes chewing gum. You are now a mint-eater. Chewy candies are especially bad as well. Less known, sucking through a straw can also irritate this condition. Depending on how far off your bone alignment is in your jaw, your dentists will be able to get you on a schedule that get you relief soon. Let Eagle Rock Dental Care provide your TMJ treatment in Idaho Falls.

The best way to stop your headaches from occurring is to see a professional. Give us a call or come in today to make an appointment. Chose Eagle Rock Dental Care for your Idaho Falls dentists or pediatric dentists in Idaho Falls.

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