Why Dental Care Involves Taking X-Rays

Dentist chair and radiograph

Many different teeth and tissue diseases are hard to see and dental radiography (x-rays) allow our dentists to get a good look inside your mouth to make sure you are safe from issues like decay, infections, gum disease, and certain types of tumors. Dental care is very important, and x-rays are a big part of that.

Taking x-rays of your mouth makes finding and treating dental problems fast. Issues can be caught early and treated before they become an issue. Dental x-rays can even help save a life. Tumors can be dangerous and they need to be found and treated as soon as possible. Dental x-rays are taken based on your dentist’s evaluation of your teeth and gums and also on a regular basis to keep you and your family safe from any unnoticed dental problems.

The results of a dental x-ray is really quite effective in showing our dentists exactly what is going on with your teeth and gums. Check out the image below. It shows every tooth and the surrounding bone and tissue to our dentists for a much more complete look at your health and safety.

3d rendering of human teeth

Our dental radiographs are top of the line and we strive to keep you comfortable as well as healthy here at Eagle Rock Dental Care. We have offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Arco. Our staff is well-trained in keeping you safe and comfortable during your dental care visit.


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