Are Wooden Toothpicks Bad for My Teeth?

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Bunch Toothpicks In The Cup.If I go out to a restaurant and they have them available, I am going to grab a wooden toothpick on the way out the door.  But now I’m learning from “Nagatha Christie” and “Naggedy Ann” that I shouldn’t use toothpicks because they are bad for my teeth. Is this true?

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the nagging sisters are kinda right. Those wooden toothpicks should really only be used in situations where you absolutely need one. This means there is no floss available, at the very least. The problem with the toothpicks is that it is more likely to slip and harm your dental care and health with one of them than it is with floss.

How Toothpicks Effect Your Dental Care

If you’re using a toothpick to clean the food out of your teeth and you use it for too long, you could very well be permanently damaging and removing your teeth enamel (which does not come back). You could also puncture your gums or chip a tooth leading you to have to find a cosmetic dentist in Idaho Falls. Often times you are just jamming the food particles farther into a canal than removing them anyway.

Be aware of your dental care and take care of your teeth. You only get one set. If you continue using toothpicks and find in your later years that your missing enamel has caused future dental care problems…I’m not one to enjoy saying “I told you so”, but.

Remember to use wooden toothpicks sparingly and try to get in the habit of bringing floss with you every time you go out to eat.

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