6-Month Smile From Your Dentist in Idaho Falls

We have a dentist in Idaho Falls that uses 6 month smiles to improve adult teeth

Your dentist in Idaho Falls at Eagle Rock Dental Care might be able to offer you a straight smile with a short term orthodontic treatment called a “6 Month Smile”. These are clear braces that work fast. Of course, your particular oral situation will determine whether you are a candidate for such a convenient treatment.

The only way your dentist can determine if you are a candidate or not, is to make an appointment so he or she can take a look at your current condition.

What is the Six Month Smile?

The Six Month Smile is an innovative new way of straightening teeth that uses clear braces so your white smile can always shine through. Six Month Smiles has taken the best aspects of typical braces then modified the treatment and the materials so that your dentist in Idaho Falls can offer adults a common-sense, cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Typically, from start to finish, your entire procedure of adjusting the straightness of your teeth will be completed within 6 months. Hence “Six Month Smile”. It’s not just that the braces are clear, but that the wires holding them together are tooth colored so they really blend into your mouth and are almost undetectable. This is a beautifully innovative new approach to modern orthodontics.

Results may of course vary, but most cases are very predictable which is fun for you because your dentist will be able to explain to you what your teeth will look like in just a few short months. What an exciting new procedure!

The low force of movement by this type of braces means that the comfort level, not just aesthetics, has been improved as well.

Where Can I Get These?

We have a dentist in Idaho Falls that uses 6 month smiles to improve adult teethAre you an adult in the Idaho Falls, Arco or Rexburg area looking to improve the alignment of your teeth? Do you have just a single wonky tooth that you have put off getting fixed because you didn’t want a mouth full of braces for a long time? The Six Month Smile method is exactly what you need.

Give your dentist in Idaho Falls a call at (208) 523-5400 or your dentist in Rexburg at (208) 359-2224 to set up a consultation appointment today. If you have any further questions about the Six Month Smile procedure, you can also give us a call just to chat. We are here for you and we really mean it.

Your oral and dental health affect everything about your daily life. The dental care habits you use will show their worth in the years to come. Don’t hide your beautiful smile just because of a little crookedness. Smile bright!

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