Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

Personalized & Comfortable Dental Care, with offices in Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Arco.

5 BBQ Foods That Damage Teeth

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Summer is here and Independence Day is near! That means roll out the grill and let’s get our BBQ on! There are some foods out there that take a toll on that white, bright smile; and BBQ’s are full of them! We aren’t here to stomp on your parade- just letting you in on a few secrets.  Avoid some of these foods and use our helpful tips to make your smile put the white in red, white & blue.


BBQ Foods to Avoid:


1. Buns

Bread and starchy foods melt into sugar in your mouth. And we all know sugar and teeth do not play nice together! TIP: instead of serving up yourself two separate burgers, try doubling up on the patties for a more satisfying, filling burger all while avoiding the extra starch.

2. Booze

Now, I’m not here to tell you that you can’t drink at your neighbors BBQ. But, I will give you some tips on avoiding any enamel damage from knocking ’em back. Alcohol really does a number on your teeth if you aren’t careful. TIP: Avoiding sipping on a drink for a long period of time. Sipping slowly gives the acid more time to wear at your teeth. Alternate your drinks with water, as well, to wash away those harmful particles that stick around.

3. Soda

All our sober friends aren’t off the hook. Soda can do just as much damage to our teeth as alcohol- even diet soda. I’m telling you, that acidity is not your friend! TIP: don’t nurse your drink and follow it up with some crisp water.

4. Chips

We can’t talk about BBQ foods without talking about chips. Come on, what BBQ is complete without chips? Not only do they pose the same starch problem as bread, but chips can hurt the enamel in other ways as well. Chips scratch at our enamel with their crispy goodness. TIP: keep your portions under control and chew consciously. Don’t just munch down on those suckers, if you chew slowly with awareness you can avoid slamming a sharp piece into your gums.

5. Lemonade

Ice cold lemonade is exactly what a hot summer day BBQ calls for; but I’m telling you that combination of citrus and sugar is not what your teeth signed up for. TIP: don’t make lemonade your exclusive beverage of the day, drink lots of plain water in between to flush away sugar and citrus.

BONUS TIP: Avoid chewing on ice! You might think nothing of it because it is just water, right? But chewing on any hard substance is damaging to your beautiful smile.


We at Eagle Rock Dental Care want to wish you a safe and fun Independence Day that keeps you smiling! Be sure to enjoy all those BBQ foods while keeping your teeth protected! Don’t forget to contact us or request your appointment online so we can get you in for your summer cleaning and check up.

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