When Should You See An Idaho Falls Dentist?

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Some people believe they don’t need medical or dental care until they notice a problem. However, that approach to health care may end up costing more than if preventative action is taken. If your teeth aren’t hurting, you might think there is no need to see a dentist. However, the American Dental Association recommends twice-a-year visits for everyone to keep their teeth healthy and to prevent or detect mouth problems.

Prevent dental problems by visiting the dentist regularly. When you visit an Idaho Falls dentist, the dentist will examine teeth to ensure they are healthy. X-rays, mouth exams, and most likely a cleaning will be performed, and teeth monitoring will be charted and compared with future visits so that changes can be identified and addressed promptly and proactively.

When prevention isn’t possible, it’s important to address existing problems promptly. When the dentist notices a problem during a regular dental exam, an appointment can be scheduled immediately to address the issue. A cavity can and should be taken care of promptly before it becomes bigger and painful or leads to tooth loss. Gum disease potentially can be treated and reversed. Oral cancer may be caught early when the cure rate is higher. Teeth that can benefit from orthodontic treatment can be referred to a specialist by an Idaho Falls dentist.

It’s important to keep teeth healthy. During a regular dental checkup, an Idaho Falls dentist will likely have a hygienist clean your teeth to remove plaque and hard-to-reach debris, followed by professional polishing. The dentist will sometimes check the size of your teeth and note their positions. If a tooth is coming in crooked or tilting, special treatment may be available. Severely stained teeth can be whitened in a single visit or over time. The dentist may also recommend specific products to improve oral health, such as a fluoride rinse or an alcohol-free mouthwash. A dentist will answer questions and offer advice about the best way to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Any medical conditions that could impact your dental health may be discussed with treatment options, such as diabetes or chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

If you are looking for an Idaho Falls dentist and need to schedule a checkup for yourself or family members, call Eagle Rock Dental Care. An appointment can be made at your convenience. Call us at 208-523-5400 or click to schedule an appointment online now!

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