Do Sugar Free Products Damage Your Teeth?

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Even the products labeled “Sugar Free” can damage your teeth.

A study performed last year warns that just because your soda or candy says “Sugar Free” does NOT mean that it is safer for your teeth. In this study, 23 products labeled “Sugar Free”, including products like sports drinks found that those with acidic additives may damage your teeth.

The acidic nature of these products may cause equally damaging effects to you and your family’s teeth. The hard tissues of your teeth can become damaged with excessive consumption of these acidic products.

The study suggests that just because a product is labeled “Sugar Free” it should not be considered safe for your oral health. The study also suggests the need for better labels providing a much more informative product to help people make the best decision for themselves and their families.

We recommend you check product labels for acidic additives, like citric acid and phosphoric acid. Drink more water and fewer soft drinks. Also, after consuming acidic drinks or even food, rinse with water and wait about an hour before brushing your teeth. We suggest waiting an hour because studies show brushing immediately can remove the softened enamel of your teeth.

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Read the research study.



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