How to Pick Your Dentist – 5 Tips

Young female patient looking at dentist while he describing the

Looking For an Idaho Falls Dentist?

Deciding on a new dentist to go see is not an easy decision to make. You are putting your health in the hands of another individual and it’s easy to worry about what might happen if you make the wrong decision. There are always a fair amount of dentists to choose from depending on where you live. Luckily, for those searching for an Idaho Falls dentist the choice is pretty simple. If you’re looking for advice on how to pick your dentist, I’ve prepared 5 major tips for you.

1. Know Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Sometimes, based on the type of insurance you have, your choice of dentist might be made for you. For instance, dental HMOs limit your choice of dentist to a member of your HMO network. If you have a PPO plan, visiting a network dentist can impact your copayment levels. Take a look at your insurance and see where you stand with dental insurance, then come see us at Eagle Rock Dental Care because we accept all forms of insurance! Finding an Idaho Falls dentist that accepts your insurance might not be easy. Save yourself some time and come see us today.

2. Ask Around

Word of mouth is important for you as the patient because you know that you’ll be getting advice from someone who sat in the same chair you will.  There are a good number of Idaho Falls dentists you can take a look at online and you probably have a solid core of friends that all have been to different dentists locally. Ask around. We have a confident feeling that if you talk to any of our past patients, you’ll find that the physicians at Eagle Rock Dental Care take great care of our patients.

3. Are They Going to Be There When You Need Them?

Finding a local dentist that has the hours of operations and location that you need can be tricky.  We want to offer you the highest level of accessibility we possibly can. Eagle Rock Dental Care is located on the east side of town in a convenient location on Woodruff Ave near the corner of John Adams Pkwy.  We offer a full hours of operation with a few extra days in the middle of the week that we stay open even longer so you have time to come see us after work if you need to.

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Young female patient looking at dentist while he describing the4. Come Meet With Us

You don’t have to get your teeth worked on if you come visit us for a consultation. But whatever problems you’re having, we might be able to help you that day. Idaho Falls is full of busy, hard working people, we know. We also know how difficult it might be finding a new Idaho Falls dentist. So stop working so hard at it and just come in and talk to us. We love meeting new people. No commitment necessary. Just a good old fashioned conversation.

5. Then Help Others

If you do make an appointment with us, please express your feelings and thoughts of your time with us afterwords. Tell your friends that are looking for an Idaho Falls dentist if you liked coming to visit us. Not much of a talker? Online reviews are always good to fill out for any business.  If someone had a bad experience with a local plumber, you’d sure like to know about it before hiring that plumber. We understand and we want you to be honest in your reviews of us. Eagle Rock Dental Care is committed to our patients and want to help you live and feel healthy.

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