Five Frightening Facts About Forgoing Flossing

adult flossing his teeth to avoid getting a cavity filled by his Idaho Falls dentist

Your Idaho Falls Dentist Cares

Flossing may be more important than you know. Yes, you may brush your teeth twice a day, but that is just not enough. Flossing keeps your mouth cleaner from sitting food and blocks bacteria build up. For whatever reason, it seems most people forgo flossing on a regular basis. Why is that?

Flossing is absolutely necessary to your overall oral health. There are many more than just five reasons to floss, but here are 5 big ones:

1. Halitosis

Who wants bad breath? It only portrays a lesser you. Be confident when you enter a room of people knowing that you can have a conversation with someone without forcing them to back away because of your breath. Flossing is one of the best things your Idaho Falls dentist can recommend for clearing away halitosis.

adult flossing his teeth to avoid getting a cavity filled by his Idaho Falls dentist2. Tooth Loss

Ask anyone who wears dentures or partials. You do not want to lose any teeth, but avoiding flossing is a sure fire way to sign up for premature tooth loss. The the food sitting in between your teeth for days at a time is a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and eat away at your teeth.

3. Pregnancy Complications

When a woman is pregnant, she is now responsible for two lives. When bacteria builds up in your mouth it can enter your entire system and create problems during a pregnancy. Pregnant women especially should be flossing after every meal.

4. Yellow Teeth

Discolored teeth are not set aside just for the smokers. By not flossing you aren’t getting your teeth completely clean. Think of your teeth as a cube and you need to clean 5 of the 6 sides. This includes cleaning in between them. Eagle Rock Dental Care is known for having the best results for teeth cleaning services by an Idaho Falls dentist. Read more about our teeth whitening services.

5. Cavities & Root Canals

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want any part of either one of those. Cavities are empty spaces that build up of bacteria have eaten away. A root canal is something you’ll have to get if you put off getting a cavity filled. You can avoid both simply by flossing after every meal.

Do you notice that when you do floss, your gums start to bleed? This is a sign you are not flossing enough. Remember the five frightening facts next time you decide to cut your morning routine short.


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