An illustration of the stages of tooth decay

Are You At Risk For Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is one of the most pervasive diseases of our time but modern dentistry has made major strides in the battle against cavities. Based on years of scientific and clinical research, dentists are now moving towards an approach to dental caries (tooth decay) management that is tailored to your personal risk rather than a…

child dentist treat boy teeth under sedation with dental curing ultraviolet light equipment

Feel Better About Oral Sedation

Are you someone who is anxious or fearful about dental treatment and even worries about it all the time? You are not alone. We understand how difficult it can be, but you can learn to overcome and cope with these negative emotions and become comfortable with modern dentistry. While it might take some faith in…

FLUORIDE Text, On Background of Medicaments Composition, Stethoscope, mix therapy drugs doctor flu antibiotic pharmacy medicine medical

Is Fluoride Really Safe?

In 2012, national expenditure for dental services reached an all time high of $111 billion. Even so, too many children and adults still go without measures needed for n preventing oral and dental diseases. For example, over 100 million Americans still do not have access to water that contains enough fluoride to protect their teeth.…

Bad breath chronic halitosis humor illustrated with a man breathing fire on someone as he goes to shake hands. Perfect for breath products, mouthwash, social etiquette, dentistry, and other health related campaigns.

Bad Breath

From time to time, everyone suffers from bad breath or “halitosis”. In the middle of the day, it’s easy enough to just grab some mints or gum (or any number of other products like mouthwashes, sprays, and strips, etc.) to temporarily sweeten your breath. But most of these products only mask halitosis (from the Latin…

Pregnant woman cleaning her teeth at bathroom

Oral Health and Pregnancy

It is quite obvious that there are a lot of changes occurring in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations are responsible for many of those changes. Something that might not occur to you amidst the wonder and many transitions one is experiencing during pregnancy, is the need for additional attention to one’s teeth and…

Various oral piercings on a white background

Oral Piercings

There are many forms of self-expression, art, writing, fashion, even body piercing. Piercings can be fun, stylish, and beautiful, but when it comes to oral piercings – such as lip, labret, cheek and tongue piercings – it’s very important to know all the risks involved. Make Sure You Know The Risks Before You Pierce Piercing…

Happy family smiling - isolated over a white background

Just Keep Smiling

Dale Carnegie is quoted as saying that a smile is one of our most meaningful assets.  But what is the hard scientific impact of this ‘feel good’ habit anyway? We all instinctively know the simple power of a smile. It makes us feel more carefree, happier and healthier. The physical act of smiling positively impacts…