Woman drinking a hot drink in cold air.

Sensitive Teeth in the Winter

The holidays are upon us and winter is here. This can be a difficult time for anyone who suffers from sensitive teeth. Hot drinks and cold air don’t go hand-in-hand. Even taking a short breath of cold weather can hurt some people. For this reason, we’ve come up with some tips on how to battle…

Young woman observing dental health and diet

Dental Health and Your Diet

We all know that delicious treats like cookies and cakes are chock-full of sugar (and totally delicious!), but did you know there is a “best” time to eat them? Many people don’t realize that the effects generated by the food they eat can continue on long after the time it is originally consumed. Eating a…


X-Rays & Radiation Exposure

Of course, you need an X-Ray if you break a bone or have a similar medical emergency. But, many people wonder if X-Rays are absolutely necessary for a dental setting. There is, of course, the worry of risks associated with radiation that is produced by modern X-Ray technology. This article is written to put you…


Sugar and Your Children’s Teeth

With Halloween coming up, it’s important to know exactly what we are up against, in regards to all the candy your child will get from trick or treating. We all know that sugar isn’t good for teeth, right? It’s no secret that it can cause decay and infection — especially (but not only) in adolescent…

A chalk board with the words "health check" written on it for diabetes and gum disease awareness

Diabetes & Gum Disease

Periodontal (gum) disease is a progressive bacterial infection caused primarily by bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces not adequately removed by daily oral hygiene practices. In fact, nearly all of us will develop gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissues) if we fail to clean our teeth and gums for an extended period of time. Because of…

a baby happy with good dental health after breastfeeding

Breastfeeding & Dental Health

Breastfeeding is one of the first (and most personal) decisions a mother is responsible to make for her baby. Whether you do decide to breastfeed or formula feed (or both) there are some things you need to know about how it can affect your child’s dental health (as well as your own). Breastfeeding can help…

Individual halloween teeth dressed in halloween costumes

Halloween Candy & Your Teeth

Halloween is around the corner, which for most children means bags of free candy and easy access to all kinds of sweets. It’s also a pretty tempting holiday for adults. Here are a few great ways everyone can protect themselves from the dreaded “Halloween Teeth”! “Of course, dentists do not advocate that children eat large…

An infant teething in pain

Infant Teething

Infant teething is a rough process for everyone – babies and parents alike. Some babies’ teeth erupt with no problems at all but for others (most, it seems), teething can be a long, drawn out, and painful process. Hopefully, for your little one, it’s not too rough, but just in case, read on. Besides giving…

A tooth inside a circle of stars on a blue background

Dental Care Abroad

You may not realize it but, going abroad for medical or dental procedures has a long history, even as far back as the Middle Ages when the wealthy ventured far from home to bath in popular medicinal spas. Today, people from all walks of life seek care, including dental work, outside their home country: some…